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Social Contribution

Social Contribution

Our commitment to giving something back to the people that love our poultry products means that certain requirements and guidelines must be followed when applying for donations/sponsorships.

The objective for Zenag farm in making donations/sponsorship is to display our commitment to social responsibility by making a return contribution to the societies in which we operate.
Zenag farm’s donation/sponsorship policy focuses on the development of longer-term partnerships with community-based organizations. Generally, a bias will be shown to those organizations that are based near or around our operations, and to which Zenag Farm staff members actively belong.

Donations and sponsorships are often gifts to charity or community groups. These are given to genuine not-for-profit organizations. Unfortunately, Zenag Farm only has a limited amount of monetary donations available.

Zenag Farms donate and sponsors sporting equipment and school supplies to the local community schools, and poultry products to the cancer society, Angau Hospital children’s ward and maternity wards, City Missions, Salvation Army, local community church groups, women’s crisis centre and women/men’s prison in Lae.

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