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Egg Facts

Egg Facts

7 Reasons to Eat Eggs

  • Eggs are another great source of protein.
  • Eggs contain over 11 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Eggs are important antioxidants and another source of Omega 3.
  • Egg keeps you feeling full much longer compared to cereal and toast bread.
  • Convenient, versatile food for all ages and lifestyles.
  • Good value, Crummy and Easy to Cook.
  • Research supports eating around 6 eggs a week as part of a healthy balanced diet.
There are dozens of amazing facts about eggs. Let me eggsplain them to you!
  • You can spin an egg to find out if it is fresh or hard-boiled. If it wobbles, it’s raw and if it spins easily, it’s hard-boiled.
  • A fresh egg sinks in water while stale eggs float. That’s because pockets in the shell become larger as it ages and its yolk shrinks.
  • All eggs float in salt water.
  • If you put an egg in vinegar, the acetic acid dissolves the eggshell’s calcium carbonate crystals and the egg will become clear.
  • If you hard-boil the egg first, you’ll get a bouncy egg.
  • Eggs are graded using a process called “candling” in which they are passed over a bright light to check for internal defects.
  • While the shell of an egg shouldn’t be frozen, when cracked and beaten, eggs can keep in the freezer for up to 10 months. It is important to add one teaspoon of salt or one teaspoon of sugar per six yolks.
  • The eggshell accounts for about 12% of an egg’s weight and its strength is influenced by the hen’s diet.
  • Scientists consider eggs to be single cells – making an egg the largest single cell on Earth.
  • The mathematical description of an egg’s shape is “oblate” or a “prolate spheroid”.
  • The Oxford Companion to Food recommends using less-fresh eggs for hard-boiling because the whites of fresh eggs stick to the shell, making them harder to peel.
  • On average, Human eat 217 eggs per person each year and the number is growing.
  • Global egg consumption is eggspected to exceed 1.15 trillion by 2015. That many eggs would weigh around 57 billion kilograms and circle the Earth more than 1600 times.
  • China is the world’s leading producer of eggs with eggproximately 390 billion per year. That’s half the world’s supply.
  • A whole egg contains about three tablespoons of liquid, with the yolk accounting for one tablespoon.
  • The world’s smallest egg is laid by the bee hummingbird while the world’s largest eggs are laid by ostriches.
  • The shell of the ostrich egg is 0.06 inches thick and so strong it can bear the weight of an adult man.The largest bird egg in the world, laid by the now extinct Madagascan elephant bird, was 180 times bigger than an average chicken’s egg!
  • The world’s largest scrambled egg was made in New Zealand and contained 20,000 eggs.
  • “Century eggs” – or raw eggs preserved in a mixture of wood ash, salt, lime, tea, rice straw and clay – are a delicacy in China. Their name comes from the tradition of preserving eggs this way for “a hundred years”.
  • Hollow eggshells make great Easter decorations and miniature seed planter pots. You can also use them for compost or to control slugs.
  • French brides crack an egg on the threshold of their new homes for good luck in marriage and producing healthy babies.
  • The surface of an eggshell can contain as many as 17,000 tiny pores. So, an eggshell is actually porous and gases and water vapour can pass through the shell. This is a factor in egg freshness.
  • Eggs have their own day – the second Friday of every October is designated “World Egg Day”.
  • The title of “Omelette King” is officially held by Howard Helmer of the American Egg Board, who holds the Guinness world record for omelette making.
  • The Old English term for egg was “oeg,” but in the end the Nordic term “egg” won out.
  • It is fabled that during the Spring Equinox you can stand an egg on its end.
  • If you drop an egg on the floor it is easier to clean up by sprinkling salt on it.
  • The meringue originated in the Swiss town of Merhrinyghen in 1720 when a pastry chef named Gasparini created a small pastry made of eggs.
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