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All our farms are fully enclosed and equipped with automatic farming facilities that include feeding and ambient temperature control. Strict Bio security protocols measures are also in place to prevent the introduction of diseases, and to maintain our “minimal disease status”. With the reduced need for human contact, we are able to employ dedicated farming specialists and experienced supervisors for the job.
Our farms are closely monitored; this ensures that the healthiest possible chickens are supplied to be processed.
To ensure the utmost transparency, we also subject our systems and performance to regular external audits by NCS International.
Zenag Farm Products are sourced from the most modern farms, from the healthiest chicken and treated with the greatest care. Our products represent in quality, freshness and nutrition.



A semi- automated poultry processing system allows for a production capacity of 150 tons of chicken per week. The precision processing machinery and staff ensure the most stringent hygiene requirements as well as reduce the impact on the environment by controlling waste and pollution effectively. All these effort are in the preparation stage to get the Farm for HACCP and ISO certifications.



With a large fleet of delivery vehicles with a dedicated team of drivers, and secured business relation with shipping companies, we ensure that all freshly processed products , fresh eggs and day old chickens reach our customers in the shortest possible time. We have Depots in Lae, Port Moresby and Hagen.
Everyone at Zenag Farm is passionate about ensuring the delivery of the highest quality products to our valued customers.

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